Matthew Castellanos is a filmmaker native to the Los Angeles area, where most of his films take place. He began directing music videos in 2012, where he would begin to shape his directing style. In 2016, He executive produced and directed a television docu-series Nuts + Bolts for Viceland. In 2017, he would venture into narrative storytelling and direct Yoshua, a short film as part of AT&T's Hello Lab program which went on to win awards across the world.

In 2018, his work on the AT&T Hello Lab Program was nominated at Cannes Lions, where he spoke on the importance of diversity in storytelling. Although Matthew's stories take place in a gritty Los Angeles landscape, his approach often blends fantasy and sci-fi, giving it a new spin and never losing that sense of rhythm from his early beginnings in music videos. He approaches stories Heart-first, and everything else falls into place.