Our goal is to create authentic and dynamic work that is culturally reflective of the American and global populations. We partner with some of the biggest brands in the world to create work that uses undiscovered, diverse, and innovative talent.



the opportunity

Lack of Diversity in Advertising

Not enough minority and women directors and creatives.

Without diversity in the creative companies end up paying more in damage control when they create ads that don’t take into account how all members of society will perceive them… Take for example this.

Not many production/creative partners are diverse/inclusive enough to give agencies and brands options.

Accessibility is important and when your network is non-inclusive of women and people of color it’s just as hard for advertising agencies to identify talent as it is for talents to “break” into advertising.


The Solution

Invisible Collective

A creative partner that collaborates to make content using diverse talent.

A creative partner that understands the current landscape in advertising when it comes to inclusivity/diversity.

A creative partner that champions creatives that are diverse across all races and genders.

Identify and Break new talent  

We are the melting pot of advertising